Episode 032 – Toying Around with Vacation Plans

In today’s episode, Scott is feeling the ill effects of a visit to the Main Street Cinema to view Mortis’ handiwork.  Once he feels a little better, he and Tracey review two new video games both called Toy Story Mania – one for the Wii and the other for the iTouch/iPhone.

After playtime is over, they talk about their next trip to Walt Disney World, which is roughly a month away.

After some music from Buzzy over at WWED, our hosts wrap up the episode by going over some listener feedback about the merger between Disney and Marvel and then welcome two new residents to Disney, Indiana.

Welcome to Disney, Indiana!

Toy Story Mania
iPhone/iTouch Version

Wii Version

Links Mentioned on the Show
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Mousestation Episode on Disney Buying Marvel
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