Disney, Indiana Episode 195 – Rise and Awaken with the Force

Just the other day, in a theater not too far away, our hosts, Tracey and Scott went to see the newest installment in the Star Wars franchise – Episode 7: The Force Awakens. In today’s episode, they go through some production notes on the film, discuss its marketing and promotional tie-ins, examine the critical and popular response so far, as well as share their own thoughts. Our hosts also review the second Disney Infinity 3.0 playset – Rise Against the Empire, which is based around the events of the original Star Wars trilogy. They also tune into WWED for some holiday-themed Star Wars tunes, present the final installment of Star Wars and Me and wrap up the show with an update on a former Hollywood Studios fan favorite musical act.

Welcome to Disney, Indiana!

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Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition: Star Wars Rise Against the Empire Play Set

WWED Playlist
1. R2-D2 We Wish You A Merry Christmas
2. The Orphans Productions – All I Want is Star Wars
3. Carrie Fisher – Life Day Song
4. Odds Against Christmas
5. James Corden and Chris Hardwick – The Star Wars Song
6. VoicePlay – Wookie for Christmas

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The Force Awakens Links
The L.A. Times (05/07/2008): George Lucas: Star Wars won’t go beyond Darth Vader

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Hollywood Reporter (10/24/2013): Writer Michael Arndt Exits Star Wars: Episode VII

The L.A. Times (10/24/2013): Star Wars: Episode VII: Lawrence Kasdan’s big move

The Wrap (01/19/2014): J.J. Abrams Says Star Wars Episode VII Script Done, Confirms Jesse Plemons Talks

Hollywood Reporter (04/30/2014): How Star Wars Director J.J. Abrams Kept the Cast Secret

Collider (01/20/2015): George Lucas Says His Treatments for the New STAR WARS Films Were Discarded

Vanity Fair (05/21/2015): John Williams Says His New Star Wars Score Will Include the Original Themes

Entertainment Weekly (08/13/2015): Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Inside Harrison Ford’s return as Han Solo

StarWars.com (08/26/2015): Droid Dreams: How Neal Scanlan and the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Team Brought BB-8 to Life

The Sydney Morning Herald (10/27/2015): ‘No accident’ Luke’s not in Star Wars trailer

STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS World Premiere Experience of a Lifetime By Richard & Sarah Woloski

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