Disney, Indiana Episode 364 – Marceline and a Strange MOM


In today’s episode, our hosts, Tracey and Scott share a trip report from their recent trip to Marceline Missouri, Walt Disney’s hometown. They also present their coverage of the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe theatrical release – Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Along the way they’ll call over to the Main Street Cinema and wrap up the show with some listener feedback and a look toward future episodes.

Welcome to Disney, Indiana!

Episode Links

Walt Disney Hometown Museum

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Links

Variety (12/11/2018): Doctor Strange Director Scott Derrickson to Return for Sequel

Collider (12/30/2019): Kevin Feige Says Doctor Strange 2 Isn’t Quite a Horror Movie; Teases Surprising New Characters

Comicbook (06/18/2021): Loki Writer Teases “Scarier” Doctor Strange 2 with Sam Raimi

Spitfire Audio (03/17/2021): Danny Elfman on the evolution of MIDI, composing ideas on voice notes & Tim Burton

Collider (09/30/2021): Sam Raimi Gets Candid on Why He’d Make Doctor Strange 2 After “Awful” Reaction to Spider-Man 3

Comicbook.com (02/24/2022): Doctor Strange 2 Producer Teases Meaning of The Multiverse of Madness

Marvel.com (04/27/2022): Exclusive Interview: Xochitl Gomez on Embodying America Chavez and Journeying into the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Screenrant.com (05/06/2022): Doctor Strange 2 Filming Locations For The Multiverse of Madness

Screenrant.com (05/11/2022): Michael Waldron Interview: Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness

Vanity Fair (06/18/2021): WandaVision was Elizabeth Olsen’s Exercise in Reclaiming Her — and Wanda’s — Power

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