Disney, Indiana – Special Crossover Episode – Night Creatures

Episode 033
In this special crossover episode, Disney, Indiana co-hosts Tracey and Scott pay a visit to 1951 Down Place to talk about the 1962 film Night Creatures, staring Peter Cushing, Oliver Reed and Michael Ripper. Night Creatures is based upon the Dr. Syn novel of Russel Thorndike – the same source material that Disney’s 1963 live action Disney film Dr Syn: Alias the Scarecrow is based.

In episode number 154 of Disney, Indiana, Casey and Derek paid a visit to the Ink and Paint club to talk about that film. Now Scott and Tracey return the favor by visiting Down Place to talk about Night Creatures.

Let’s hope the mouse ears can protect Tracey from the horrors of Hammer films (we believe that Scott is already lost!)

Check out Night Creatures – episode number 33 of the 1951 Down Place podcast.

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