Disney, Indiana Episode 205 – The Podcast Registration Act

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There is unrest in Disney, Indiana. The Podcast Registration Act, also known as the RSS Feed Accords, has made its way out of committee and is heading for a full vote in front of the town council. This legislation states that all podcasts should be fully registered online and easily accessible. This has driven a wedge between our hosts – are you on #TeamTracey and support the act or are you on #TeamScott and think podcasts should be free in the wild? Make your voice known as you listen to see if this divisiveness causes a riff, a skirmish or all out civil war between our hosts as they bring you their coverage of the latest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – Captain America: Civil War. They’ve also got reviews of a couple of mobile games this episode – Marvel Puzzle Quest and Disney Crossy Road. Can our hosts find common ground and get through the episode – or will a call over to the Main Street Cinema lead to tarmac tragedy?

Welcome to Disney, Indiana!

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Civil War Links

The Geekdom (04/26/2016): Russo Bros. reveals Captain America: Civil War was green lit because of Batman vs. Superman!

Collider (03/11/2014): Directors Joe & Anthony Russo Confirm They’ll Direct CAPTAIN AMERICA 3; Say They’re Breaking the Story Now with Screenwriters Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely

Collider (04/17/2014): Screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely Talk CAPTAIN AMERICA 3; Reveal They’ve Been Working on it Since Late 2013

L.A. Times (04/02/2014):
Captain America: Winter Soldier inspired by Star Wars, French Connection

Yahoo Movies (08/05/2014): Exclusive: The Russo Brothers Tell Yahoo Movies What They’ve Got in Store for Captain America 3

Screen Crush (04/11/2016): Captain America: Civil War Was Originally Not a Civil War Movie

Den of Geek (07/18/2014): Kevin Feige: Captain America 3 Not Moving

Empire Online (11/25/2015): Captain America: Civil War trailer breakdown

International Business Times (03/19/2015): Captain America 3 Civil War: Rush star Daniel Brühl talks about his role and joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Forbes (03/16/2016):Russo Brothers Talk Captain America: Civil War, Their Plans for Spider-Man and Post Credit Scenes

Civil War Press Kit

Hollywood Reporter (6/23/2015) Robert Downey Jr. and Secret Screen-Tests: How the New ‘Spider-Man’ Team Was Chosen

Collider.com (1/14/2016) ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Directors on Landing Spider-Man, ‘Infinity War’ Shooting Schedule

Bam Smack Pow (7/23/2015) Interview With Film Composer Henry Jackman

Hollywood Reporter (5/3/2016) From Pizza Boxes to Motorcycles: Marvel Reveals $200 Million in ‘Civil War’ Brand Partnerships

KCEN TV (5/6/2016) Harley-Davidson Reignites Marvel Studios’ Partnership To Help Defend Freedom In Latest Saga – Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War”

Video Game Review Links
Marvel Puzzle Quest

Disney Crossy Road

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