Disney, Indiana Episode 213 – Dragon a Little After our Trip

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In today’s episode, our hosts, Scott and Tracey, finish up their trip report from their recent visit to the Disneyland Resort, focusing on their post Friends of the Magic fun. They then delve into the behind the scenes information for the Walt Disney Studios’ latest live-action production, Pete’s Dragon. They also call over to the Main Street Cinema, then wrap up the show with a review of the Indy Disney Meet event they attended this weekend.

Welcome to Disney, Indiana!

Episode Links

Business Insider (08/11/2016): How this director went from making small indie movies to Disney’s $65 million new blockbuster

IndieWire (08/09/2016): David Lowery On Pete’s Dragon: How a Microbudget Filmmaker Became Disney’s Secret Weapon

HitFix (08/10/2016): Director David Lowery explains why his Pete’s Dragon is so intentionally gentle

Variety (09/19/2014): Disney Finds Its Pete For Pete’s Dragon Remake (EXCLUSIVE)

Variety (08/09/2016): Pete’s Dragon Premiere Is ‘Full Circle Moment’ for Bryce Dallas Howard

Slashfilm (08/12/2016): Interview: Pete’s Dragon Star Wes Bentley on Working With David Lowery and Terrence Malick

Moviefone (08/11/2016): Pete’s Dragon Star Karl Urban Loves a Great Villain

Hollywood Reporter (11/20/2014): Disney Confirms New Zealand Shoot for Pete’s Dragon

The Nerdist (06/14/2016): Why Elliott in the New Pete’s Dragon is Furry

Entertainment Weekly (08/15/2016): Pete’s Dragon: Meet Disney’s new, furry Elliott — exclusive first look

David Lowery’s Road Dog Productions Blog

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