Disney, Indiana Episode 253 – The Marvel Fantasylands of Wakanda and Chronopolis

It’s a hidden world after all, a hidden, hidden world!

On this episode, our hosts make trips to two different Marvel Fantasylands. First, they drop in on Wakanda as they review the latest entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Black Panther. After their audience with the king, they’ll make their way to one of the newest Marvel locations Chronopolis as they play Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2.

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Links Mentioned

Black Panther Links

Essence (07/03/2015): Exclusive: Ava DuVernay Won’t Be Directing Black Panther Movie

Fast Company (05/16/2016): How Creed Auteur Ryan Coogler Punches Through The Hollywood Mold

Collider (01/24/2018): Black Panther: 90 Things to Know about the MCU’s Game-Changing Movie

The Hollywood Reporter (01/30/2018): Wesley Snipes Reveals Untold Story Behind His Black Panther Film

Complex (02/08/2018): Black Panther Screenwriter Reveals What Makes T’Challa One of the Most ‘Unique’ Characters in the MCU

The Atlantic (02/15/2018): Why Fashion Is Key to Understanding the World of Black Panther

Washington Post (02/16/2018): How celebrities are helping thousands of children see Black Panther for free

Vanity Fair (02/20/2018): Why Angela Bassett Broke a Family Rule for Black Panther

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 Links

Disney, Indiana Episode 140 – Potpourri for 100 – Review of Lego Marvel Super Heroes game

Disney, Indiana Episode 199 – Creative Construction and Avenging Destruction – Review of Lego Marvel Avengers game

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