Disney, Indiana Episode 312 – New Additions to Disney Plus


In today’s episode, Tracey and Scott take a look at two new series featured on Disney+ – Prop Culture and Disney Gallery: Star Wars: The Mandalorian. They will provide a little background on each series and then share their own thoughts. Along the way, they will tune into WWED and call over to the Main Street Cinema for an uplifting experience. They’ll wrap up the episode with a mention of a new series that is not 100% Disney related and a look toward the next episode.

Welcome to Disney, Indiana!

Links Mentioned

Collider (05/02/2020): Dan Lanigan on Prop Culture, the Disney+ Show That Shows the Goodies Behind Your Fave Flicks

The DisInsider (05/06/2020): Interview: Host Dan Lanigan Discusses His Show “Prop Culture” And A Possible Second Season (Exclusive)

Screen Rant (05/11/2020): Who is Disney Plus Prop Culture’s Host Dan Lanigan?

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