Disney, Indiana Episode 375 – Not Going to Disney Makes Us Angry, You Wouldn’t Like Us When We’re Angry


In today’s episode, our hosts, Tracey and Scott present their coverage of the latest Marvel Studios series on Disney Plus — She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. They dig into the development and production of the series, and then share information about the marketing, premiere and reception of the series, as well as their own thoughts. Tracey and Scott also go over their plans for an upcoming visit to Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World before calling over to the Main Street Cinema and wrapping up the show.

Welcome to Disney, Indiana!

Episode Links

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Production Brief

Digital Spy (03/08/2020): A She-Hulk movie came *really* close to happening – Starring Brigitte Nielsen!

Games Radar (07/12/2022): She-Hulk director responds to criticism of show’s CGI

Elle (08/17/2022): The Evolutionary Theory of Tatiana Maslany

The Wrap (08/19/2022): She-Hulk Creator Jessica Gao Reveals Her Black Widow Movie Pitch and the Secret Origins of Trolling Kevin Feige

The Credits (09/29/2022): She-Hulk Composer Amie Doherty on Blending Megan Thee Stallion With Marvel’s Orchestral Bombast

Variety (10/14/2022): She-Hulk Team Explains the Fourth Wall-Breaking Finale and Delivering a ‘F— You’ to Toxic Marvel Trolls

Comicbook.com (10/21/2022): She-Hulk On-Set Reference Malia Arrayah Talks Smashing Stereotypes on Marvel’s Disney+ Series (Exclusive)

USA Today (10/26/2022): Marvel costume designer Ann Foley shares her tips for recreating She-Hulk styles

The Art of Adrian Ropp

The Art of Thomas Estrada

That’s Terri-IFIC

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