Disney, Indiana – Episode 075 – We’re Beggars and Blighters and Ne’er Do-Well Cads

Ahoy me mateys and welcome to episode 75 of the Disney, Indiana podcast.

In this episode, your hosts, Tracey and Scott wrap up looking at Pirates in the theme parks by discussing the areas where you’ll find the scallywags outside of the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction in Disneyland, Walt Disney World and the high seas.

Then our hosts, with a little help with some residents here in Disney, Indiana, raid the town library for some pirate tomes and provide some reviews.

Finally, they take a look at the 2007 summer film The Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s end – the third film in the Disney pirates franchise.

The show is rounded out with some more pirate songs on WWED and a welcome to a new resident of Disney, Indiana.

Welcome to Disney, Indiana.

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