Episode 005: Light Speed to Endor!

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In the fifth episode of Disney, Indiana, Tracey and Scott attempt a trip to the Moon of Endor with Star Tours. Both of our intrepid travellers are big fans of Disney and Star Wars, so this attraction is a favorite part of their Disney Universe.

They dive into a bit of history of the attraction, talk about Star Wars Weekends in Florida and review a DVD about the opening of Star Tours from the Extinct Attraction Club.  If you would like to order this video for your collection, please look here.

Buzzy, the DJ at WWED Radio plays a couple of Star Wars/Disney songs.

* WWED Track 1
* WWED Track 2

They wrap up the show with welcoming several new residents of Disney, Indiana, listener feedback from our previous Question Time, and pose a new theme-related Question for their listeners.

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