Disney, Indiana Episode 388 – Make Mine Music – The 90s: Seriously Good Music

In today’s episode, our hosts, Tracey and Scott revisit a popular segment: Make Mine Music. This time around, they’re presenting a countdown of their ten favorite more serious songs from Disney films of the 1990s. Along the way they’ll call over to the Main Street Cinema and wrap up the show with some Indiana Comic-Con and Marvel news.

Welcome to Disney, Indiana.

Links Mentioned
Why So Blu? (10/07/2010): A Talk with Beauty and the Beast’s Glen Keane

The Ringer (06/15/2022): Pixar’s Bittersweet Symphony

Videos Mentioned
Jackie Chan – I’ll Make a Man Out of You (Cantonese)

I Can’t Believe My Heart – Susan Egan – Megara’s Original Song

Marvel Move

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