Town Directory

Current Population: 151 at 107 Addresses

1. Tracey Morris – Member of the first family of Disney, Indiana and a high-muckety-muck:
5571 Main Street, Disney, Indiana

2. Scott Morris – Member of the first family of Disney, Indiana and a high-muckety-muck:
5571 Main Street, Disney, Indiana

3. Fabulous WindowtotheMagic Studios, Paul Barrie, proprietor:
1901 Wed Way, Disney, Indiana

4. Scott Viers (aka Mortis) of the Mortis Matinee Podcast: 1313 Ezra Lane, Disney, Indiana

5. Tairy Barrie of Little Red’s Writing Hood and the Did You Know . . . Disney Tidbits Podcast: 33 Pixie Dust Circle, Disney, Indiana

6. Kipp Shinabarger: 1928 Magic Kingdom Drive, Disney, Indiana

7. Skip Caraway: 1313 Sunset Blvd, Disney, Indiana

8. Jake Thompson, Host of the World for One Podcast: 1964 Progress Circle, Disney, Indiana

9. Brian Hubbard: 1982 World Showcase Drive, Disney, Indiana

10. Chris Carpenter (aka Doofy): 1966 New Orleans Square, Disney, Indiana

11. Chad Espinoza (aka Disney Geek): 1994 Pride Rock, Disney, Indiana

12. Tracy (aka tiggerlover75): 1968 Tigger’s Treehouse, Disney, Indiana

13. Joe Jubilado (aka MagicJoe): 1955 Memory Lane, APT. DL, Disney, Indiana

14. Dave Oneal of Extinct Attractions: 67 Peoplemover Place, Disney, Indiana

15. Brian Sommer: 1955 Jack Wagner Circle, Disney, Indiana and
a summer home at 1955 Paul Frees Parkway, Disney, Indiana

16. Leroy Scott: 1993 Pumpkin King Court, Disney, Indiana

17. Laura Wright: 33 Jack Sparrow Way, Disney, Indiana

18. Julie Sudhoff: 1313 Little Leota Lane, Disney, Indiana

19. Liana (aka Heaven is Disneyland): 99 Swinging Wake Circle, Disney, Indiana

20. John Pulley (aka JOHNPLLY): 1022 Yensid Avenue, Disney, Indiana

21. Deb Burke: 17 Mouseketeer Manor, Disney, Indiana

22. Jon Bushee: 999 Happy Haunts Trail. Disney, Indiana

23. Ralph Pitmann: 1971 Happy Haunts Court, Disney, Indiana

24. Alan and Barbra Martin, The Endless Hallway, 3rd Door on the Left, Disney, Indiana

25. Mike Jana, Kendall and Aaron Michael from the Lets Talk about Disney Podcast, 7476 Main Steet WDW, Disney, Indiana

26. Nicole (aka disneyfan): 2328 Tinkerball Lane, Disney, Indiana

27. Jeff Cornell 1969 Haunted Mansion Heights, Disney, Indiana

28. Jeremy Muse: 1999 Discovery Island, Disney, Indiana

29. Chris Weed (aka lazylaces): 1919 X Blvd, Disney, Indiana

30. Paul Boudreau (aka YoPaulie): 3583 Imagination Way, Disney, Indiana

31. Matthew Cox: 1937 Sunset Blvd, Disney, Indiana

32. Dean Cottrell: 1989 Echo Lake Blvd, Disney, Indiana

33. April (aka Zombie Farmer) of the Don’t Look in the Podcast Podcast: 1980 Pumpkin Patch Lane, Disney, Indiana

34. Alan, Grace, Alex and SaraGrace Prophitt: 1811 Neverland Lane, Disney, Indiana

35. Ryan Wall: 1972 Animation Avenue, Disney, Indiana

36. Jill Thorderson (aka Dizzy_Emjay): 33 Royale Street, Disney, Indiana

37. Eric of Mouse Guest Weekly: 1967 Wicked Wench Way, Disney, Indiana

38. Mac and Samwise of Fan Kids: 626 Ohana Way, Disney, Indiana

39. Jenn Morgan (aka Sleeping Beauty’s Sister): 1 Sleeping Beauty Castle Ct, Disney, Indiana

40. Jay Emmitt (Penny Cult Productions), Heather, Xander and Shyla Caudill: 1976 Tron Court, Disney, Indiana

41. Brad Zipprich of the Don’t Look in the Podcast Podcast: 999 Liberty Square, Disney, Indiana

42. John Ursoleo: 101 Mickey Avenue, Disney, Indiana.

43. Roberta Fielding: 27 1/2 Wokka Wokka This Way, Disney, Indiana

44, Big Brian of the Mousein’ It Up Podcast: 1967 Mickey Mouse Club Way, Disney Indiana.

45. Michael Hamilton: 100 Acre Woods Drive, Disney, Indiana

46. Brother D and Miss Bren of the Mail Order Zombie Podcast: 214 IllumiNations Drive, Disney, Indiana

47. Jennifer Cole: 1701 Briar Patch Lane, Disney, Indiana

48. Marc Friedlander: 923 Matterhorn Way, Disney, Indiana

49. Metal Mikey of the Action Attraction Podcast: 1979 Gurgi Blvd, Disney, Indiana

50. Byron Royal (Reedy Creek Radio): 1 Reedy Creek Way, Disney, Indiana

51. Bob Aycock (aka NCDisneyDad): 831 Disney Magic Way, Disney, Indiana

52. Headshot Heather and Zombie Hunter Tony: 6974 Ghoul Court, Disney, Indiana

53. Tina Carlson (aka LadyEeyore): #1 Eeyore Lane, Disney, Indiana

54. Jim Cotey: Number 19 Cherry Tree Lane, Disney, Indiana

55. Terry (GoofyDoc) and Suzie Gaff: 1975 Goofy Drive, Disney, Indiana

56: Seth Schaller (Reedy Creek Radio): 1894 Baloo Avenue, Disney, Indiana

57. Unholy Dave: 1982 Master Control Program Drive, Disney, Indiana

58. Bart “ZomBart” Jones: 1138 Court of Miracles Court, Disney, Indiana

59. Kristin, Shawn and Mark Basnett: 91605 Splash Mountain Trail, Disney, Indiana

60. Steve, co-host of the Bonebat Show: 812 Leota Lane, Disney, Indiana

61. Coffin Nail Neil: 6874 Ghoul Court, Disney, Indiana.

62. Bayou Hunter: 20102 GizmoDuck Way, Disney, Indiana

63. Betty and Dave Bell: 1 A Dream Come True Way, Disney, Indiana

64. Abe Navarro: 2003 Century Drive, Disney, Indiana.

65. Jeff, Carletta, Princess Amelia and Princess Elizabeth Swoish: 0402  Magic Kingdom Drive, Disney, Indiana.

66. Rob Henderson, Jr. 989 Future World Way, Disney, Indiana

67. D. Patrick Schranck Jr.: 1375 Captain EO Street, Disney, Indiana

68. Todd, Rebecca, Eliza and Emma Breakey: 1971 Monorail Way, Disney, Indiana

69. Emily James: Big Falls Splash Mountain Court (aka My Laughing Place), Disney, Indiana

70. Allan Parris: 1776 Liberty Square Way, Disney, Indiana

71. ‘Dillo: Number 6 Armadillo Avenue, Disney, Indiana

72. Anna Keene: 1991 Sassagoula River Road, Disney, Indiana

73. Brian Whatley: 200 Animation Drive, Disney, Indiana

74. TV Kirby – host of the Disney Theme Parks Related TV for the Week: 83 Disney Channel Parkway Disney, Indiana

75. Westcoast Brian: 1989 Splash Mountain Canal, Disney, Indiana

76. Robin Theile: 42 Wallaby Way Sydney Disney, Indiana.

77. Kris Cheek: 2222 Ratatouille Lane, Disney, Indiana

78. Jim Chamberlain & Family: 1959 Monorail Way, Disney Indiana

79. Heather Schmidt: 1955 Walt Disney Drive, Disney, Indiana and
a summer home at 1955 Pirate Point Place, Disney, Indiana

80. Jeff Roney from the Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast: 1138 Wookie Lane, Disney, Indiana

81. Jay (aka Malwardrigus or “Mal”) and Jayne H: 314 Brava Centauri Lane, Disney, Indiana

82. Chris Douglas of the Disney in the Desert Podcast: 1957 Radiator Springs Rd, Disney, Indiana

83. Phil Bell: 1982 Figment Circle, Disney, Indiana

84. Jon, Diana, Michael, and Kiana Aoki: 2000 Sonny Eclipse Way, Disney, Indiana

85. Paul Smith: 1967 Yo Ho Yo Ho Adventure Land Lane, Disney, Indiana

86. Bobbi Sommer: 829 Sherman Brothers Drive, Disney, Indiana

87. Rachel Morrell of Wishing Star Vacations: 52711 Cinderella Circle, Disney Indiana

88. Pam McCall: 15 Cherry Lane, Disney, Indiana

89. Dennis Dunkman: 2 Infinity and Beyond Way, Disney, Indiana

90. Jason, Rachel, Max and Finnley: 33 Alice Ave, Disney, Indiana

91. Kevin and Rachel Wohler: 1117 Backstage Ave., Disney, Indiana

92. Ana, Mori and Jora: 1205 Treasure Island Circle, Disney, Indiana

93. Jesse Stephenson: 2013 Quest For Vault Disney, located in the dot-wordpress-dot-com district, Disney, Indiana

94. Adrian Ropp: 1991 St. Canard Boulevard, Disney, Indiana

95. Heather and Jeremy Shields: 1138 Alderaan Memorial Lane, Disney, Indiana

96. Jeremy L.: 56 Prydain Place, Disney, Indiana

97. Rick Myers of the The Recovering Ubergeek Blog: 1957 El Camino del Zorro, Disney, Indiana

98. Samantha Shew: 222 Teacup Trail, Disney, Indiana

99. Eric Warren: 1977 Tatooine Terrace, Disney, Indiana

100. JediFisch: 1983 Endor Way, Disney, Indiana

101. Ron Collins: 520 Cherry Tree Lane, Disney, Indiana

102. Chris Franklin (of the Supermates Podcast): 1974 Parker-Williams Way

103. Ann and Scott Rorie: 626 Ohana Way, Disney, Indiana

104. Scott, Gretchen, Peyton, Ben, and Natalie Heitkam: 13 Bernard & Bianca Drive, Disney, Indiana

105. Craig Ferguson: 221 1/2 Baker Street, Disney, Indiana

106. Chérie “rhuby” Gallinati and Mark “Hater” Haider of the Mihmiverse Bonfire Podcast: 172 Nine Old Men Drive, Disney Indiana

107. Millicent “Millie” Tirk: 3455 Minnie Mouse Drive


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