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Winter 1988

  • Disneyland debuts Splash Mountain
  • Create Beautiful Mosaics
  • Slue Foot Sue Looks Back Remembering Walt
  • Opening of Critter Country
  • World Showcase Fellowship Program
  • Shopping: Disney Style
  • Tokyo Disneyland: 5 Years Later
  • Sneak Preview: Disney-MGM Studios

Spring 1989

  • Gene Kelly recalls dancin’ days
  • Remembering Walt: Disney’s First Star – Alice
  • Inside Story of the new Disney-MGM Studios
  • Disneyland Secrets from the 33 Year Old Park
  • A Visit to City Hall
  • Fantasia Forever

Summer 1989 – Disney-MGM Special

  • Disney-MGM Studio Snaps: A Sneak Peek
  • Hollywood Remembered – The Great Movie Ride review
  • Donald Duck at 55
  • A Look at Disney Parades
  • Disneyland Hotel
  • Pan Galactic Pizza Port at Tokyo Disney
  • Typhoon Lagoon

Fall 1989 – Wonders of Life Debuts

  • ‘Ears to Your Health – Opening of the Wonders of Life
  • Magic Music Days – Amateur talent in the parks
  • New Disney Channel Mickey Mouse Club
  • A Look back the 1964 Worlds Fair
  • Pleasure Island Opens
  • Margaret Kerry Remembers Walt

Winter 1989

  • Interview with Carol Burnett
  • Disneyland 35th Anniversary Preview
  • Bambi, Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Little Mermaid come to Video
  • New Hotels at WDW – Swan and Dolphin plus Yacht and Beach
  • Look at Typhoon Lagoon
  • Remembering Walk: Fess Parker
  • Disney Legends Program begins

Spring 1990

  • Disneyland’s 35th Anniversary
  • Disneyland that Never Was
  • Star Tours Opens at WDW
  • Person of the Century at Epcot
  • Typhoon Lagoon: Underwater Adventure
  • Remembering Walt: Dick Nunis
  • How to Succeed as a Disney Site Selection
  • Disney Comics

Summer 1990

  • Muppets Team Up with Mickey
  • Look at Makeup and Special Effects for Dick Tracy
  • Happy New Year, Pleasure Island – Pleasure Island at 1 Year
  • Pigskin Classic
  • Disneyland Turns 35
  • What Did the World Look Like in 1955
  • Assemblage of Disneyland Memorabilia Stand
  • Mickey Mouse Signs Our Paychecks
  • Remembering Walt: Wally Boag

Fall 1990

  • Making of a Masterpiece – Fantasia Restored
  • Dick Tracy Stage Show
  • Viva La Difference! – Euro Disneyland designs
  • Let the Games Begin – Disney software
  • Wonders of Life: Fun with Physical Fitness
  • Remembering Walt: Joe Grant – Fantasia Revisited

Winter 1990

  • 25 Years of Disney Magazine
  • The Rescuers Down Under: Adventures in the Outback
  • Inside the Magic: Theme Parks can be Learning Centers
  • Disneyland’s 35th Anniversary Celebration Ends
  • Euro Disney Resort Hotels
  • Parents, We Shrunk Your Kids at Disney-MGM Studios
  • Seven new Disney Legends
  • Riding the Disney Railroads
  • Remembering Walt: Milt Albright

Spring 1991

  • Disney Afternoon Moves to Disneyland
  • Yesterday, Today and Tomorrowland
  • From Broadway to Buffalo Bill at Euro Disney
  • Records Go Hollywood – Walt Disney ventures into music
  • Remembering Walt: Kathryn Beaumon Keeping a Production on Track
  • Fashions of Disneyland
  • Disney’s Secret Films

Summer 1991

  • Everything’s Coming Up Muppets – Muppets*Vision 3D Opens
  • Helmeted Hero of the Skies – Meet Rocketeer Bill Campbell
  • Starstruck on Pleasure Island
  • Star-Spangled Celebration at Disney Theme Parks
  • Euro Disney Resort Opens in One Year
  • The Future Isn’t What it Used to Be – 2nd Installment on the evolution of Tomorrowland at Disneyland
  • Remembering Walt: Blaine Gibson
  • Hooray for Hollywood- Disney-MGM Merchandise

Fall 1991

  • Bringing Walt’s Last Dream to Life: Walt Disney World’s 20th Anniversary
  • Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! – Year of Surprises at Walt Disney World
  • Walt Disney Pictures Prepare for its 30th Animated Feature: Beauty and the Beast
  • Predicting the Future: Tomorrowland at Disneyland struggles to keep one step of ahead of today
  • Now Hiring at Euro Disney Resort
  • Exploring the Wonders of World Showcase
  • Remembering Walt: Bill Sullivan

Winter 1991

  • Happy Holidays – Disney Style
  • Walt Disney World: The First Year (Part II)
  • Remembering Walt: Bob Matheison – Working in Walt’s Worlds
  • Sam Wright: Sebastian Says
  • Voices of the Kingdom – Voices in Theme Park Attractions
  • Sounds Like Fun – Attraction Sound Effects
  • Euro Disney: Getting Dressed for Success
  • The Secrets of Walt Disney World

Spring 1992

  • Fantasmic! Opens at Disneyland
  • Epcot Center: The Dawn of a New Disney Era (Walt Disney World Part III)
  • Disney Stores: The Outposts of Disney Culture
  • Remembering Walt: Model Maker Harriet Burns
  • Nine New Disney Legends
  • Disneyland: Extending the Magic (WestCot)
  • Euro Disney: Let the Show Begin!
  • Every Attraction Tells a Story
  • Life Goes on at The Living Seas

Summer 1992 – Euro Disney Opens

  • Bienvenus, Euro Disney Resort
  • Twenty Years and Still Growing (Walt Disney World Part IV)
  • Remembering Walt: Ray Bradbury
  • The Fabulous Sherman Boys
  • Toon in Tomorrow – Sneak Peak at Mickey’s Toontown in Disneyland
  • Tokyo Disneyland
  • Starcade Mania – The Arcade of the Future
  • Own of Piece of the Magic – Disney Vacation Club Opens

Fall 1992

  • When You Wish Upon a Lamp – Making of Aladdin
  • E-Ticket Architecture – Could Disney Imagination change your’s city’s skyline
  • Splash Mountain Rises Again…and Again – Opening at Tokyo Disneyland and Walt Disney World
  • Collecting Magic Moments – New Disney Art Program
  • 25th Anniversary of Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Tomorrow’s Collectibles by Mail – The Disney Catalog Debuts
  • Christmas at Walt Disney World
  • Remembering Walt: Marc Davis
  • Roy E Disney: Charting a Course for Animation

Winter 1992

  • Mickey’s Toontown opens at Disneyland
  • When You Wish Upon a Lamp II – Making of Aladdin
  • The Biggest Story Ever Told – The Dinosaurs Sinclair Family
  • Remembering Walt: Bill Cottrell (Walt’s Brother-In-Law)
  • First Disneyana Convention
  • Disney Screen Magic Remembered
  • Walt Disney World Golf Vacations

Spring 1993

  • Water, Water Everywhere – Walt Disney World Water Parks
  • Annette: As Ears Go By
  • Disneyland Legends 1992
  • Swiss Family Treehouse opens at Tokyo Disneyland
  • Remembering Walt: Retired Disneyland Carpenter Ed Kuz
  • Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings – Disneyland and Walt Disney World
  • Minting a Mickey Memento – Limited issue Disney Dolar
  • Mickey’s Towntown Opens!
  • Out of this World – Museum of the Weird originally planned as a prolog to the Haunted Mansion
  • Crafting a Cast of Characters – Walt Disney Imagineering

Summer 1993

  • Secrets of Walt Disney World – More Imagineering “marks” to look for.
  • Going for a “Spin” on Roger Rabbit’s New Ride – Roger Rabbit’s Cartoon Spin
  • Tokyo Disneyland Undercover
  • Ultimate in Euro Disneyland Trivia (Part I)
  • Spaced-Out Specials at the Sci-Fi Dine-In
  • Remembering Walt: Jack Lindquist (Disneyland President)
  • 7th Straight year Disneyland Hosts Children’s Miracle Network
  • ConventionEars Head West at Disneyland Hotel
  • Disney’s Symphonic Fantasy on the Road

Fall 1993

  • Disney TV: More Power!
  • Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas Premiers
  • Growing Up in the MMC
  • Remembering Walt: Animator/Director Paul Carlson
  • When Worlds Collide – It’s BONKERS!
  • Euro Disneyland Trivia: Part Deux
  • Mighty Ducks – Anaheim’s Newest Team

Winter 1993

  • Emilio Estevez: Getting His Ducks in a Row – Mighty Ducks
  • School Days Where Never Like This – Field Trip to EPCOT Center
  • Remembering Walt: Music Director Dr. Charles Hirt
  • Disney Legends Ceremony
  • 1930’s Disney Holiday Collectibles
  • Candlelight in the Kingdoms – At Walt Disney World and Disneyland
  • It’s a Wild, Wild, Wild Wild Ride – Mickey’s Toontown new spin
  • Beauty and the Beast Braves the Bright Lights of Broadway

Disney Magazine

Spring 1994

  • They’ll Take Manhattan – Beauty and the Beast on Broadway
  • Lion King: Lions, meerkats, wildebeests and Hyenas star in Disney’s next animated feature this summer
  • Tribute to departing Disneyland president Jack Linquist
  • Roger Rabbit as the Easter Bunny
  • Character breakfast at Disneyland
  • Remembering Walt: Jack Speirs – Man who wrote Walt’s tv intros for a dozen years
  • Change is Upon the Land – Food Rocks Opens
  • Romance at Walt Disney World
  • Exploring Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort
  • Disney Kennels
  • The Magical World of Barbie stage show at Epcot ’94
  • The Very First, Original Mickey Mouse Club

Summer 1994

  • Next Stop: The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror – Imgineers are preparing their most terrifying attraction yet.
  • The Making of a King: Part II of the Making of the Lion King
  • Tribute to Frank G Wells
  • Opening Night on Broadway for Beauty and the Beast
  • Carl Barks Remembers Donald’s Biggest Fan
  • Ancient Temple Unearthed at Disneyland – Indiana Jones at Disneyland
  • Introducing: The Disney Institute
  • The Disney Gallery
  • Disney’s All-Star Resorts: A Really Big Deal – First moderately priced accommodations at Walt Disney World
  • Nautilus Redux – Jules Verne’s undersea vehicle comes out of mothballs at Euro Disneyland
  • Disney Dining: Mama Melrose
  • Give Kids the World opens in Florida
  • Duck Hunting for Collectibles – Donald Duck

Fall 1994

  • An Insiders Guide to Innoventions at Epcot
  • Profile of Bill Nye: The Science Guy
  • Lion King roars into the Disney Parks at Disneyland and Walt Disney World
  • Off the ice the summer – The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim prove to be birds of a feather
  • Disney Dining: Aladdin’s Oasis at Disneyland
  • Remember Walt: Peter Ellenshaw
  • Hyperion Press: There’s More than a Mouse in this Publishing House
  • History of Storybook Land at Disneyland
  • Cranking out ‘Toons at the Fun Factory: Walt Disney Television Animation Celebrating 10 Years of Alternative Cartooning

Winter 1994 (2 Copies)

  • It’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow(land) – Walt Disney World updates Tomorrowland and extraTERRORestrial opens
  • A Look Back at Marry Poppins which opened 25 years ago
  • Ten New Legends Added to Disney’s Walk of Fame
  • 70 Years in the Hundred Acre Wood – Winnie the Pooh
  • Remembering Walt: The Marry Poppins Cast
  • 40 Years of Disneyland Souvenirs
  • The Wonder Thing about Paul Winchell – Original voice of Tigger
  • The Walt Disney Gallery
  • Grim Grinning Ghosts Toast 25 Years
  • Honey I Shrunk the Audience Opens

Spring 1995

  • Uncovering the Indiana Jones Adventure – Disneyland gets an extra-special 40th birthday present.
  • Disneyland’s 33rd Animation Feature: Pocahontas – American History Makes Animation History
  • Blizzard Beach opens at Walt Disney World
  • Room With a View: A Public Tour of Walt’s Private Hideway at Disneyland (Walt’s Apartment)
  • Remembering Walt: Cicely Rigdon – Keeper of the Keys
  • The Disney Resorts: With the World at Your Feet, Why Stay Anywhere Else?
  • Walt’s Partners in Fun: American businesses are still sharing Walt’s Dream of Disneyland
  • So You Want to be a Disney Animator?
  • Novel Ideas for Children’s Books
  • Beauty and the Beast on the Road: the Broadway show hits the road.

Summer 1995: Disneyland’s 40th

  • Disneyland Celebrates 40 Years of Adventures – Imagineers Remember
  • Disneyland Historical Highlights
  • Readers Remember Disneyland
  • The Disney Institute: A Resort with a Difference
  • American History 101: Pocahontas and John Smith
  • The Disney Archive: Some Things Old, Some Things New – The Disney Archives at 25
  • Remembering Walt: Marty Sklar
  • Main Street Cinema at Disneyland
  • Gene Autry Western Heritage Museum is mounting an exhibit of Disney’s “Best of the West”
  • Disney’s Moving Fans: Disney fans displaying their personal messages of devotion to favorite Disney characters and theme parks.

Fall 1995

  • Summoning “The Spirit of Pocahontas” – Ceremonial powwow at the Magic Kingdoms tells the story of a brave Indian maiden
  • Disney Angels – Disney joins the Angels in the most recent of its sports agreement
  • Disney Institute
  • Timon and Pumbaa: On the Road to Everywhere – Comedy duo is set to make its TV debut this fall
  • In Memoriam: The Jack of All Voices – Tribute to Jack Wagner
  • Disney Dining: Planet Hollywood
  • Remembering Walt: Dean Jones
  • What a Plush Job! – Making plush Disney Characters
  • Where the Buffalo Roam – Disneyland Paris’ Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show
  • So You Want to be a Imagineer?
  • Spaceship Earth Soars into the 21st Century

Winter 1995

  • Disney’s BoardWalk at Walt Disney World – The Newest Disney Resort
  • So You Want to be an Imagineer? Part II
  • The Most Wonderful Time of the Year at Disneyland and Walt Disney World
  • Disney News – It was Thirty Years Ago Today
  • Remembering Walt: Rolly Crump
  • From the Earth to the Moon and Back Again: Space Mountain Paris
  • Disney’s Fantillusion: Now at Tokyo Disneyland
  • Disney’s Sing Me a Story with Belle

Spring 1996

  • Lights Out – The Main Street Electrical Parade to glow down in Disneyland history
  • the Sights and Scents of Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival
  • Disney Vacation Club Expands its Horizons – A Real Ocean-Front Resort Joins the ranks of Disney’s Finest
  • A Preview of Disney’s 34th Feature Length Film: The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  • Remembering Walt: Composer Buddy Baker and the Disney Sound
  • Disney Dining: Walt’s – An American Restaurant, Disneyland Paris
  • Siskel and Ebert – Together 20 Years
  • Buddy Baker, Creating Music Magic for the Disney Theme Parks
  • The 25th Anniversary of The Aristocats
  • Rod Miller: 25 Years of Ragtime for Disneyland

Summer 1996

  • Learn and Live: A Report on the Disney Institute
  • Saturday Night at the Movies: A new Disney TV series
  • Which Resort is Just Right for You? – The 1st annual guide to Walt Disney World’s many resorts
  • Searching for a Bright New Tomorrowland – The Imagineers at Disneyland take a forward look
  • Happy Birthday, Winnie-the-Pooh – Time to ponder the roly-poly history of Pooh.  He’s 70!
  • In the Works: Curella De Vil’s spooky mansion gets hijacked to Orlando
  • The Disney Traveler: Dive into The Living Seas
  • Our Favorite Things: A honey of gift collection to help celebrate Pooh’s birthday
  • Specialty of the Mouse: Contempoarary’s California Grill
  • The Big Picture: Shaquille stars in Kazaam! and Ellen opens at Epcot.  Meanwhile, Jungle Book cubs get animated for TV
  • The Ultimate Insider: Buckle up for a crazy ride with Disney photographer David Roark.
  • Archives: Walt Disney and Roald Dahl with Gremlins on their minds

Fall 1996 – Walt Disney World 25th Anniversary (2 Copies)

  • Walt and Roy: Walt Disney World was Roy’s final tribute to his beloved alter ego, Walt
  • Walt Disney World in Pictures: A photographic journey from the ground-breaking to the anniversary merrymaking.
  • The Fathers of Invention: 6 Disney World progenitors remember the big dreams and bigger deadlines
  • 25 Ways to Celebrate – Guide to the 15 month 25th anniversary party
  • Test Your Knowledge of the World
  • SuperFans! – These folks do whatever it takes to show their love of Disney (even taking on the Arkansas Supreme Court!)
  • In the Works: 1000s of trees, hundreds of animals, thriller rides . . . It’s time for a peek at Animal Kingdom
  • The Disney Traveler: Be dazzled by Disneyland’s new lights, become a fool in Paris and feel the Tokyo beat
  • The Ultimate Insider: 2 Disneyland Matterhorn climbers tell Disney Magazine about their peak experiences.
  • Specialty of the Mouse: Disneyland’s Pacific Hotel’s Chef Shin makes sushi out of Mickey
  • The Big Picture: Robin Williams and the creators of fall’s new cartoons talk about their favorite characters.  Also, a preview of 101 Dalmatians and That Darn Cat
  • Our Favorite Things: Disney lunch boxes


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