Disney, Indiana – Episode 120 – Passamawhoosie and Mice on Ice

In this episode, our hosts, Scott and Tracey, discuss two Disney-related events they attended recently – Disney On Ice: Worlds of Fantasy and seeing Pete’s Dragon on the big screen. They provide historical background on both events, and share their thoughts on both experiences. They also tune into WWED, call over to the Main Street Cinema and respond to listener feedback and a couple of resident requests.

Welcome to Disney, Indiana!

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WWED Tracklist
1) Passamashloddy – Jim Dale, Red Buttons and Ensemble – Pete’s Dragon Soundtrack

2) Bill of Sale – Shelley Winters, Charles Tyner, Gary Morgan, Jeff Conaway, and Helen Reddy – Pete’s Dragon Soundtrack

3) It’s Not Easy – Reel Big Fish – Mosh Pit on Disney

4) Every Little Piece – Jim Dale and Red Buttons – Pete’s Dragon Soundtrack

5) When You Wish Upon a Death Star – The Great Luke Ski

Links Mentioned
1) Disney’s Ice Capades of 1950: Toy Shop Photograph

2) Brunch with the Brits Podcast

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Sunday, February 3rd, 2013 Movie Review

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