Disney, Indiana Episode 141 – Yggdrasil or the World Tree of Life

Today’s episode finds one of our co-hosts not only MIA, but not found on Earth! Can our remaining host open the show? Will it go smoother than normal? Will the missing host return in time for the segments? Does anyone miss them? These answers and more await you!

Speaking of answers to questions – how about what segments are on today’s episode? Well, first off a discussion of the newest entry into the Marvel film universe: Thor The Dark World. A look at the film’s history, how it fits in with the other Marvel films and what our hosts thought of the film are all in store.

It’s also time for November’s Future Disney Legend segment with a look at the career of Disney Imagineer Joe Rohde. The man who, among other projects, helped developed the sorely missed Adventurers Club and also worked on a little something called Disney’s Animal Kingdom as well.

Keeping with the Animal Kingdom theme, our hosts have a book review on the Imagineering Field Guide to Disney’s Animal Kingdom from Tracey in the episode as well.

All this, plus a listen to WWED, a call over the Main Street Cinema to see what Mortis is up to and some great listener feedback!

Welcome to Disney, Indiana!

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MousePlanet: Special Effect Secrets of the Adventurer’s Club
MousePlanet: Craig McNair Wilson Remembers the Adventurers Club
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