Disney, Indiana – Episode 055 – The Dog (and Rat) Days of Summer

After breaking the biggest news in Disney history, our hosts continue their Perspective on Pixar segment with a look at 2007’s Ratatouille.  They are joined during this segment by Disney, Indiana resident ZombieHunter Tony – besides being a zombie hunter, Tony is also a chef and fan of this film and he’ll bring his kitchen skills to the table to discuss if Pixar did a faithful job creating a restaurant’s kitchen.

The special guests don’t stop there, Kaity and Athena (and their father Mortis) from the Mortis Matinee podcast join our host for talk about the dog days of summer, Disney style.  Everyone then gets to talk about their favorite Disney dogs.

Our hosts wrap up the show with a little feedback and a discussion of their next adventure.

Welcome to Disney, Indiana!

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