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3, 2, 1 . . . Happy New Year! Well, every night was New Year’s Eve on Pleasure Island at Walt Disney World, the subject of March’s Forgotten Favorite. Our hosts will dive into the history of this former shopping, dining and entertainment district (both actual and invented). After their visit with Mr. Funmeister and Scott getting his leisure suit on, it’s time for some music with the stars as our hosts revisit the Make Mine Music theme. Tracey and Scott continue to work their way through the theme parks with a countdown of their favorite music from Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World. All this, plus a call over to the Main Street Cinema to check in on the Mortis and a look ahead to the next episode.

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Pictures from Pleasure Island at Walt Disney World

Leisure Suit Drink Recipe
In a shaker pour .5 ounces of Barcardi Razz, .5 ounces of Melon Liqueur, .5 Ounces of Amaretto, .5 ounces of Blue Caracao, 4 Ounces of Sweet and Sour over ice and shake. Pour in glass and add 1 Ounce of Sprite and garnish with an orange slice

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