Disney, Indiana Episode 343 – Pirates of the Caribbean 6: A Jungle Cruise


In today’s episode, our hosts, Scott and Tracey, take a look at the newest film from Walt Disney Pictures, The Jungle Cruise. They take a look at the production history and casting of the film as well as sharing their own thoughts. Along the way they call over to the Main Street Cinema, share some Jungle Cruise audio and take a peek at future episodes.

Welcome to Disney, Indiana!

Links Mentioned

IGN (09/21/2006): Jungle Cruises to Big Screen

Entertainment Weekly (03/02/2011): Disney pairing Tom Hanks and Tim Allen for Jungle Cruise

Walt Disney Company (07/29/2021): Designing the World of Disney’s Jungle Cruise

Screenwriting Magazine (07/30/2021): Jungle Cruise Writers Take Inspiration from WWI, Suffragettes and Old-Fashioned Romance

Jungle Cruise Press Kit

Videos Mentioned

WTHR Indianapolis (08/03/2021): Chuck’s Big Adventure: Marvel at the Museum of Science

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