Disney, Indiana – Episode 082 – While They Were Crusin’

In today’s episode, Tracey and Scott have entrusted Disney, Indiana into the cyber hands of Jessica, the master control program that runs the town. They aren’t here to host the show themselves as they are currently on the Disney Wonder somewhere in Alaskan waters.

Jessica has cued up some Walt Disney World audio to share with everyone – all recorded by Tracey and Scott. First up, a recording from May 2009 of the British Invasion from the UK pavilion at Epcot. Then she has some Off Kilter from the same trip performing at the Canadian pavilion. The last bit of audio is a 2010 recording of the Tiki Room: Under New Management from the Magic Kingdom.

All that and a new contest to win another great prize from our sponsor Mouse Surplus!

Welcome to Disney, Indiana.

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