Episode 027 – While They Were Out

In today’s episode Jessica (a.k.a. Scott’s laptop) takes over for Tracey and Scott as they are attending Friends of the Magic at Disneyland. She starts the show with playing a recording of Tracey at Belle’s books reading Donald Duck at Disneyland. She’ll then check in with Buzzy over at WWED to play some Disney music. Finally, Jessica will continue the Holidays Around the World Throughout the Year with a visit to Pere Noel.

Jessica will also contact Mortis over at the Main Street Cinema to see what he’ll be playing this week.

At the end of the show, she then invites you to help Tracey and Scott celebrate Disney, Indiana’s first birthday during episode 28. This show is scheduled for August 9, so if you would like to wish them well, please call or write in today!

Welcome to Disney, Indiana!

Track One: Off Kilter live from Epcot – Barenaked Ladies Medley
Track Two: Splash Mountain – Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah
Track Three: Walt Disney World – Rainy Day Cavalcade Intro
Track Four: Pete’s Dragon – Candle on the Water Purchase at Amazon
Track Five: Indiana Jones Queue News

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