Disney, Indiana Episode 182 – Slinky Emotions

Today Tracey and Scott sit down and take a long look at the big screen, dig deep within and get in touch with Pixar’s newest characters – Joy, Fear, Anger, Sadness and Disgust – as they ponder life, universe and 2015’s Inside Out. They analyze the history and production of this Pete Docter and Ronaldo Del Carmen directed film. They will also bring out their feelings on this new film. Will our hosts be able to grow emotionally on this journey or will they have to be placed under observation – listen to find out!

After the meeting of the minds, our hosts turn their attention to this month’s Canine Confidential segment with a look at everyone’s favorite toy dog – Slinky from the Toy Story series! Our hosts will let you know if he should walk down stairs alone or in pairs!

All this, plus a call over to the Main Street Cinema to check in with the Mortis and then wrap up this episode with some upcoming events in Disney, Indiana!

Welcome to Disney, Indiana!

Links Mentioned

Inside Out Links

The New York Times (05/20/2015): Inside Out, Pixar’s New Movie From Pete Docter, Goes Inside the Mind

Indie Wire (06/15/2015): Why Pete Docter’s Inside Out Was So Tough to Make Into Must-See Pixar

Indie Wire (06/11/2015): Why Pixar Whiz Pete Docter Decided to Enter a Young Girl’s Mind — and Turn Your Emotions Inside Out

NPR (06/10/2015): It’s All In Your Head: Director Pete Docter Gets Emotional In Inside Out

Animation World Network (06/26/2015): Ralph Eggleston Talks Inside Out

People (06/09/2015): Bill Hader Says He ‘Kind of Stalked’ Pixar Folks to Snag a Role in Inside Out

The Washington Post (06/15/2015): Pixar’s Inside Out: How ‘anxious’ Bill Hader embraced becoming Fear itself

Reuters (06/17/2015): A Minute With: Amy Poehler on singing and crying for Inside Out

Refinery 29 (06/17/2015): Mindy Kaling On The “Beautiful” Idea That Inside Out Is Not About A Princess

Screen Rant (06/17/2015): Michael Giacchino on Making the Music of Inside Out & Jurassic World

Pixar Post (06/07/2015): Inside Out themed Ugg Shoes

Tech Co (06/16/2015): How This Cincinnati Startup Landed a Partnership with Pixar’s Inside Out

USA Today (05/19/2015): Cannes goes crazy for Pixar’s Inside Out

The Hollywood Reporter (06/19/2015): Box Office: Inside Out Leaps to $3.7M, Dope Takes $425,000 Thursday Night

Slinky Dog Links

The New York Times (02/21/1996): Talking Toys With: Betty James; Persevering for Family and Slinky

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